v4.10 eWay - DirectConnect - Credit Card Payments

This v4.10 nopCommerce compatible plugin uses Client Side Encryption to send encrypted browser credit card payment data through the server side connection to eWay Rapid 3.1 and automates recurring billing using a task schedule and tokens.



Payment implementation

The Direct Connection implementation allows for purchases to be submitted directly to Rapid 3.1. This allows processing of transactions in one server side call. 

Since card data is passed via the server, one of the following must be used to ensure compliance with card data regulations:

  • Provide proof to eWAY of PCI-DSS complaince of the merchant's environment
    • or (as this plugin does)
  • Use Client Side Encryption to encrypt the card data on the customer's browser

Transactions not involving credit card data (such as a recurring token payment) may be processed without proof of compliance. In the eWAY Sandbox, PCI compliance can be enabled via the Sandbox Settings.



Picture of v4.10 HostName - eWay Rapid3.1 - DirectConnect - Credit Card Payments
v4.10 HostName - eWay Rapid3.1 - DirectConnect - Credit Card Payments
The plugin supports credit card Payments, PreAuthorise and Capture, Refunds (and Partial), Token Payments and Recurring Payments.
Version: 1.9.9 [15 Jan 2020]
Manufacturer part number: BricksnWeb eWayRapid31Direct v4.10
Vendor: Developer TPY

An encrypted License key is generated for use on the Host URL and will be emailed to you for installation in the plugin's License Key configuration page.  

The url can be found in your Admin/Stores/Edit store details, Store URL box.

Please enter the URL hosting the plugin in the box below, for example www.yourstore.com