PayPal Express Checkout Payments

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

PayPal Express Checkout Payments.

Feature Summary:

Payment by Credit Card and PayPal accounts, methods supported are Parallel and Simple;

The plugin supports Order, Authorize and Sale transactions.

The customer can select the Shipping address and cost dynamically from the PayPal checkout page.

The checkout flow:-

When buyers choose PayPal Checkout, the merchant website, makes an API call to pass PayPal the transaction details.
Customers are redirected to PayPal window to log in. The buyer can then select a shipping address and payment method,
and approve the transaction. PayPal then returns buyers to the merchant's website to review and finalize the order.

Customers finish the checkout process on the merchant's website and review and approve payment.
When customers complete the order, the website makes an API call (unseen by the customer) to PayPal to request payment.

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