eWay Rapid40 IFrame v4.20 - HostName

  • For a simple, good looking integration, eWAY's Responsive Shared Page API provides an IFrame form for entering payment information.

  • The RapidIFrame.cshtml page with the IFrame displays immediately after the Checkout 'Confirm' button is clicked.

  • The plugin verifies the payment status with eWay and redirects to the 'Order Completed' (successfull) or the 'Home' page.

  • eWAY’s iFrame solution:

  • plugin supports credit card Payments and Refunds
  • embedded on the merchant's website
  • secure payment window
  • Customers pay directly via eWAY without knowing they've been redirected is responsive to allow payments on any device
  • Plugin features:

  • uses HttpClient and Rapid40
  • additional fraud checking
  • the public local resources maybe customised to suit your site
  • records 4 levels of messages to inbuilt logger (does not use Admin/Log)
  • supports Shipping and Store pick-up point address
  • Version: 1.9.4 [08 Feb 2021]
    Manufacturer part number: BricksnWeb eWayRapid31 IFrame v4.20 v1.9.4 [08 Feb 2021]
    Vendor: Developer TPY

    An encrypted License key is generated for use on the Host URL and will be emailed to you for installation in the plugin's License Key configuration page.  

    The url can be found in your Admin/Stores/Edit store details, Store URL box.

    Please enter the URL hosting the plugin in the box below, for example www.yourstore.com 

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