Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Direct Connection

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Where environments are PCI-DSS compliant or use Client Side Encryption, card data may be submitted directly to Rapid 3.1. This allows processing of transactions in one server side call.


Refund and Partial-refund:

The Direct Connection method also now supports refunds. This allows your application to process a refund.


Pre-Authorise and Capture

eWAY's PreAuth solution allows merchants to reserve funds on a customer's credit card without charging it.

The merchant can then Capture the transaction at their convenience either manually or by Schedule Task.

This service is perfect for merchants (for example)

  • who take advance orders (an event, a product release) where payment is on a specific future date
  • who take advance orders where payment is made when the goods are available for despatch
  • whose prices are dependent on variable costs (the final cost is +-15%) of the Authorised amount

Please note that PreAuth is currently only available for Australian merchants.


Token Payments & Recurring Purchases

Capture your customers details once, and securely store them on eWAY’s PCI DSS compliant servers for any time they wish to make a purchase in the future.

Recurring payments allows this application to process recurring transactions using the customer's saved Token.


eWAY Client Side Encryption

Allows for client side encryption of sensitive credit card information so that a non-pci compliant merchant can accept the form data directly and then process the payment directly with eWAY.


Allows merchants to handle the front end of the payment process completely and then process the payment at the back end.

Clients have a uniform payment experience on the merchant’s website creating confidence. 

How it works:

Asymmetric encryption is used to encrypt the sensitive data using a public key from an RSA public/private key pair. The data is then only able to be decrypted by eWAY’s servers using the stored private key. The public key is made available to the merchant for encryption however the private key is retained by eWAY so that only eWAY is able to decrypt sensitive data.



Rapid3.1 Direct Connection is available to merchants in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Singapore.





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