Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Australia Post - Domestic Parcel Post calculator

The Postage Assessment Calculation API is used to calculate the cost of sending parcels within Australia and enables you to calculate the delivery costs for your products or services.


  •  Domestic parcels
    • Delivering your parcel within Australia, choose your speed, select your size and add your features.
    • Parcel Post

    •  Parcel Post service is cost-effective and reliable, delivering parcels in 2 or more business days. 

    • Service details

      • Economical domestic delivery

      • Extra Cover, Signature on Delivery

    • Size and weight limits

      • parcel's dimensions should not exceed 105cm or 0.25m3. Maximum weight is 22kg. 

The postage services available at Checkout will be based on the plugin configuration parameters you provide:

1. Choose the Services - Parcel, Courier, Express, Satchel

2. Include the options - Standard, Signature on Delivery, Extra Cover Insurance

Note: Origin and Destination postcodes in rural areas will exclude Express Post delivery options as rural postcodes are not covered by the Express post network.

The standard PAC API requires these parameters:

  • Origin and destination postcodes of the item to be sent
  • Dimensions of the box, the item will be sent in
    • Dimensions have the format length x width x height in centimetres
    • Use the dimensions of a standard Australia Post box or your own custom dimensions
  • Weight of the item to be sent, in kilograms

Cubic Weight calculation ('Use Cubic Weight method') alternate method:

  • Origin and destination postcodes of the item to be sent
  • Note. Product dimensions (when zero) are ignored, the weight is mandatory.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) of the box sent to the PAC API are approximated from the product's weight.
  • Weight of the item to be sent, in kilograms

Product Weight & Dimensions:

  • The bulk 'Product' editor allows rapid amendment of these details.
  • Weight
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)
  • Additional Charge, etc

Please ensure your Site settings have Kilogram(SystemKeyword=kg) and Centimetre(SystemKeyword=centimetre) conversions:

  • Configuration/Measures/Weights
  • Configuration/Measures/Dimensions

For the most accurate shipping rate calculations your products require Dimension and Weight settings.

Aust.Post and this plugin implements Tls12 encryption, your web site must have a SSL certificate installed on the server and be using https.

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